Fall is my second favorite season. It only loses out to spring because of that pesky daylight savings time thing. Today has been an exemplary fall day. Cool, sunny, autumn leaves ablaze. Perfect day for a walk with the hubby.

We set out after breakfast with my blood sugar running high around 232 mg/dl. I wasn’t worried, however, because walking normally causes my blood sugar to drop quite fast. As predicted, I checked my blood sugar again about 25 minutes in and it had reduced to 104 mg/dl. I brought my glucose tabs with me just in case it continued to drop for the remainder of the walk, but I was lucky today! It must be a sign. Someone up there wants me to keep up the good work.

I’ve been getting some nudges lately to return to blogging from friends (ahem…Laura from Get Clean, Girls) and a nagging internal voice. Boy, have I accumulated quite a lot of fodder for blog posts recently. But today, since I’ve been on hiatus, I mostly wanted to pause and reflect a bit on the significance of this exact moment in time which is pulling me back into writing about my diabetes journey. Apart from being one of my favorite months of fall, this particular November is also important for a few other reasons…

OBAMA WON Y’ALL. Hooray for at least four more years of universal healthcare! The Affordable Care Act deserves an entire blog post to itself (see the fodder?!), but given this election season I wanted to give it some due recognition as one of the primary reasons why I voted to re-elect President Obama. One of Mitt Romney’s goals was to repeal “Obamacare.” His alternative? Uhh…he didn’t offer one. If this legislation is repealed, it’s quite likely I will be denied healthcare coverage on the basis of my “pre-existing condition.” My prescriptions (including the insulin I need to live, mmkay?) cost a lot even with health insurance. Without it…I don’t even want to think about it. Let’s just say that this November, I’m more than a little grateful that my right to affordable healthcare is ensured.

National Diabetes Awareness Month. I didn’t realize November was Diabetes Awareness Month until I saw Facebook posts from the American Diabetes Association about a week ago. I guess I’m a little out of the loop for a former ADA intern, eh? (Fodder alert.) I’m definitely feeling a bit of diabetes solidarity with my 26 million brothers and sisters out there going through this. What better time to get back into blogging to do my diabetic duty and raise some awareness. And maybe some money for a cure.

One-year wedding anniversary. This past week my hubs and I celebrated one wonderful year of marriage. I tried to ignore the 265 mg/dl blood sugar I had after eating the top tier of wedding cake that we saved from last year. But I couldn’t. Just another reminder that diabetes, like marriage, requires daily commitment. Sometimes occasions like anniversaries (my diabetes anniversary is April 27, by the way) serve as a good reminder to renew that commitment.

I’m hoping I can keep this up this time.