About This Blog

“Don’t worry, ‘d’ happy,” may be the cheesiest, most uninspired slogan I could have come up with…I’ll grant you that. But don’t let that deter you from reading more! The fact of the matter is, people with diabetes (PWDs) do have quite a lot to worry about these days. Diabetes is a growing health issue across the world (especially in my beloved US of A)  and a cure seems to be elusive. Managing diabetes is a daily challenge to maintaining a happy and healthy life. However, rather than resign myself to the “negative d’s” in my life – denial, depression, and destructive habits – I am seeking out ways to learn how to live and thrive with my disease. To make peace with it. To live better because of it. To be happy with diabetes.

DHappy is made up of reflections, musings, and investigations on living well with diabetes. My hope is that this blog will not only be a coping mechanism, but also to offer support to others in the diabetic community. DHappy could be a good read for diabetics, friends and families of diabetics, or those simply curious about how the disease. Even on my rough days, I try to infuse some humor and hope into each post.  This blog does not represent the views of the American Diabetes Association or any other entity referenced. All content of this blog represents the views of the author only and should not be taken as medical advice. There are, however, many legit resources listed on the ‘Resources’ page to guide you toward professional advice. Keeping that in mind, feel free to post comments and enjoy!

About Lauren


In Italy for my honeymoon!

I am a 20-something, very busy young lady living with type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed in 2009 while studying abroad in Chile. It was a very scary, deeply affecting experience in my young adult life. Since then, I have managed to graduate college, get my first “real” job, get married, and move to a new city in central Virginia…all accomplishments which I am proud of. It hasn’t been easy, however. I could stand to take a bit better care of myself and appreciate the many blessings that have been bestowed on me. Some things I enjoy are: writing, reading, watching movies, spending time with my friends and family, playing outside, traveling, DIY projects, and listening to music (maybe singing along sometimes…).




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