ADA Internship Week 1

Today concluded the first week of my American Diabetes Association internship. My main job with the ADA is doing communications and marketing for a support group led by one of the ADA’s board members. So far, I’ve mainly been doing some organizing – getting their contact list under control, setting up a blog for the group and a Facebook page, etc. Last night was the second support group meeting of the year – it’s actually grown a bit since last month (no thanks to me since I just officially started this week). I think one of the interesting dynamics will be bringing in more type 1s like myself. The class seems to be almost exclusively made up of type 2s. That’s probably to be expected since type 2 is more common, but I think the group founders want to bring in more kids with type 1 and their parents. Aside from advertising at schools, clinics and endocrinology offices, I wonder if there are other venues to get the word out about the group and emphasize the topics that are relevant to those folks…

Anyone got any idears?


2 thoughts on “ADA Internship Week 1

  1. 1. ConnectRichmond email list. Are you on it?

    2. Not to be too self-indulging, but you might want to check out what marketing/communications classes NLP is offering this semester. I’m not sure if any of your coworkers have been in our classes recently, but they may pay for your registration fee if they have a professional development budget.

    3. Connect with other local medias/blogs…we use the calendar function on ConnectRichmond, Style Weekly,, and RTD a lot. You could also try making a press release about what goes on in your support group meetings. That would actually have a pretty good personal appeal if you could get some personal stories included. Neighborhood news sites (like Fan of the Fan, Church Hill Peoples’ News, etc.) are also occasionally good resources, though it depends on your event.

    4. Are there any other diabetes-serving nonprofits in Richmond (i’m completely unaware..)? Networking has never served me wrong.

  2. All excellent tips, thanks! In response…

    1. I think I have tried to sign up for their jobs emails (which I haven’t been getting for some reason), but not their general email list.

    2. Goooood idear. I’ve actually got all the dates written into my calendar already hehe…

    3. Yes! The group leaders and I discussed some of these possibilities. More to come on that.

    4. There’s the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, which I think the ADA already has a relationship with. Other than that, there’s endocrinology offices, local schools, free health clinics…those are just some of the contacts we’re trying to make.


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